Copper Hydroxide

Copper Hydroxide
Product Description
Copper Hydroxide is the hydrated oxide of the copper, which has a chemical formula of Cu(OH)2. This pale blue solid has some particular forms, which are named as "stabilized" copper hydroxide. This chemical compound we manufacture is a weak base that can be made by including sodium hydroxide to a diluted mixture of copper(II) sulfate (CuSO4·5H2O). The solid made in this manner, holds water and a considerable amount of sodium hydroxide waste. As an alternative, Copper Hydroxide is readily prepared by electrolysis of water.

Key Points :
  • Possess the riveting ability to break up cellulose.
  • Applicative for the production of rayon that is a cellulose fiber.
  • Widely used in the aquarium industry as it can destroy extraneous parasites in fish, including brook, flukes, marine ich, or marine velvet.
  • Used as an alternate to the Bordeaux substance, a nematicide fungicide.

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